Bridging the process gap

Systems Integration

We believe your systems should work together.

A seamless integration of process, workflow and information technology.

Systems Integration Specialists

A Systems Integrator requires a broad range of skills and experience, combining both depth of knowledge and breadth of knowledge.

We’ve been around the block a few times. From the birth of the modern internet to the mass adoption of “the cloud”, we’ve held many roles including the role of creator, facilitator, supporter and integrator. And, while we thoroughly enjoy typical integrations, our speciality is the unconventional. We love to push boundaries and we’re passionate about working with customers who feel the same.

Integration Capabilities:

  • Enterprise Applications – ERP, CRM, TMS, EMR and many other three letter acronyms.
  • Data – Aggregating and transforming data from various services into a central place for interactive reporting.
  • Business Systems – Refining workflow and process to ensure seamless flow between Finance, Operations and Customer Service.
  • Electronic Data Integration (EDI) – The paperless exchange of B2B documents and data.
  • Information, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) – From air to ground, we understand ISR and related Mission Systems, Microwave broadcasting, LOS, BLOS, GIS Data Exploitation tools, InfraRed imagery and mission planning.
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